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About Us

Who we are n How we do?
Kazi Kabir Group is a multifaceted group of companies- bringing a wide range of products and services under its umbrella. The group comprises four companies named Reliable Steel Ltd, Kazi Tubes Pvt. Ltd, Chittagong Industries Ltd & Blueaglez Bangladesh Limited are operating in diversified business sectors like; flat-rolled Steel, Steel Tubes, MS Bars, RMG & so on. With a huge workforce Kazi Kabir Group prides itself of its diversified conglomerate character. Kazi Kabir Group has been continuously exploring newer horizons each day with innovative ideas & technologies. The philosophy of the group is to nurture and promote good ideas and growth, to provide satisfaction to customers, to innovate and go beyond accepted standards of doing business.


Over the years, through its unified endeavor, it has been successful in becoming what it is. We focus on Premium Products strategy, continuously develop and improve its competitiveness by adopting the ongoing trends and ensure customers satisfaction.The Group’s has been strengthened by its experience, ethics, enviable business integrity, good financial backbone, network with global companies, countrywide distribution channel and above all a will to excel in everything that it has stepped into. The Group has set its mark in a diverse business domain and this has been possible by a strong management setup and an excellent human resource base whose skills and motivations are the key ingredients to its success.

Kazi Kabir Group’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skills and technology. Kazi Kabir Group is committed to the pursuit of excellence through world-class products, innovative processes and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers.

To realize the mission Kazi Kabir Group will:

> Endeavor to attain a position of leadership in each category of its businesses.

> Attain a high level of productivity in all its operations through effective and efficient use of resources, adoption of appropriate technology and alignment with our core competencies.

> Develop its employees by encouraging empowerment and rewarding innovation.

> Promote an environment for learning and personal growth of its employees.

> Provide products and services of high and consistent quality, ensuring value for money to its customers.

> Encourage and assist in the qualitative improvement of the services of its suppliers and distributors.

> Establish harmonious relationship with the community and promote greater environmental responsibility within its sphere of influence.